World Moustache Championships

World Moustache Championships
Countless style blogs and Instagram accounts have been dedicated to the achingly cool trend of the hipster beard.

But the fashion for flamboyant facial hair has reached dizzying new heights thanks to this year's World Beard And Mustache Championships.

Silver beards teased into rigid spokes, majestic foot-long handlebars and pristine pointed moustaches left judges of the bonkers event in a hairy situation with the quality of their efforts.

More than 300 contestants in teams from across the globe gathered in the picturesque Alpine village of Leogang in Austria on Saturday to compare and contrast their elaborate beards.

The event, first held in 1990, takes place every few years at different locations worldwide and this years attracted folk in top hats, suede dungarees and even full military gear. 

The gentleman displayed their facial fuzz by competing in 16 different categories in three vital groups - moustache, partial beard and full beard - and the results were hair-brained but utterly outstanding.


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