“Victory Road” laid to Shusha to be commissioned till September (PHOTO)

“Victory Road” laid to Shusha to be commissioned till September (PHOTO)
According to the instruction of the head of the state, the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads continues its construction of the road to Shuha by expanding it and in compliance with a second technical degree, Azerbaijan Automobile Roads told Ann.az.

The mentioned road is also a witness to the glorious history written by the blood of our martyrs. As our glorious army entered Shusha namely through this road, this road also has symbolic meaning, moral importance. Namely, for this reason, President Ilham Aliyev during his visit to Shusha called this 101.5 km length road as Victory Road.

According to the order of the President, the first stage of construction work along the "Victory Road" has been completed. In just two months, the road was widened and a new field was built. Easy access to the "Road to Victory" has already been provided. By September of this year, the road will be paved with two lanes.

At the same time, during the last visit of the President to Fuzuli region, the construction of the first technical grade highway was started on the basis of the project developed on the new route, which laid the foundation from Fuzuli to Shusha.


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