UEFA most likely may cancel all national leagues

UEFA most likely may cancel all national leagues
The Executive Committee of the Union of European Football Associations will hold another meeting on 23 April on the impact of the coronavirus on football, UEFA confirmed on Tuesday, Ann.az reports.

It has already been reported that UEFA has given preference to national leagues and national cups, postponing the 2020 European Championship until next year and postponing the Champions League and European League playoffs, most likely temporarily after the end of the local championships.

April 23 was chosen for the videoconference after consultations with all 55 UEFA member associations.

This is probably why the German Football League (DFL) postponed its next meeting on Tuesday, which will coordinate the response to the coronavirus pandemic, to April 23.

However, the DFL justifies this with the desire to give the 36 clubs of the two strongest German Bundesliga six days to prepare for the forthcoming decisions, which will be taken "on the basis of political decisions in the country and the Länder”.


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