Turkey establishes a new nationalist party

Turkey establishes a new nationalist party
A new political organization with name of Ötüken Birliği Partisi was established in Turkey.

ANN.Az informs citing the Turkish media, the party has stated its ideological line as racism and that will pursue radical nationalist policy.

"We have established the political organization as we see the Turks as the superior lineage in the world and to declare the idea of "Turkey belongs to the Turks" to the whole world", the party stated.

Representatives of Ötüken Birliği Partisi believe that the concept of nation has the same meaning as lineage: "We will restore reading of our Oath and "Istiklal Marşı" in the primary, secondary and high schools. Religion will not be taught in primary classes at all".

Founding secretary general of the party is M. Hakan Semerci.

Notably, Ötüken is considered a sacred city in Turkish history. It is claimed that the Turks spread from this city to the world. Ötüken is a name given to the Motherland in belief of ancient Turks (Göktürks and others).

Notably, the number of political parties in the country now reached 88.