Three students poisoned in Azerbaijan, one died

Three students poisoned in Azerbaijan, one died
Poisoning incident occurred at Baku State University’s dormitory № 2, Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan told

Emergency Aid received the information at 12.35. The doctors found 3 female students unconsciously in the room at Matbuat street 36. According to the doctors of the ambulance, blood was coming out of their mouths. 

One of the girls who were supposed to be poisoned has died, and two girls in a critical condition have been delivered to the Clinical Medical Center by ambulance car. The condition of the girls at the age of 20-22 years is critical. Their treatment is continued.

The chief toxicologist Azer Magsudov said in his statement to APA that the investigation is conducted regarding this event: "The reason of occurrence of the incident is not known yet".

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