The luxury home that's completely underground

The luxury home that's completely underground
At first glance, it looks like a classical English garden, complete with perfectly manicured grass, ornate monuments and outdoor seating.

But this scene actually hides an opulent, eco-friendly home that is worth a staggering £2.4million.

Architects have revealed new designs for Perdu - a circular property in the Manchester village of Bowdon that is built underground.

With a swimming pool, gym and even a water slide, the three-bedroom home would certainly be a desirable dwelling for many. 

Despite its underground location, it boasts a spacious living area - and even has a dome passage in its centre to let in natural sunlight.

It also has an array of environmentally-friendly features, including rainwater harvesting and a heat exchange system. 

The unique, 'low impact' property has been proposed by architects NC Homes and Huntsmere, reports.

In an online listing, NC Homes writes that the property 'makes an extraordinary statement without the visual impact of an ordinary house'.

It adds: 'Hidden underneath a landscaped, classical English garden is a contemporary earth sheltered house. Being underground means that the house has a more stable environment, the temperature remains constant and the house is very quiet and peaceful. 

'It also minimises the loss of green space, as being underground the roof remains available for plants.'


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