Tayyar Eyvazov: Epidemic process under control in Azerbaijan

Tayyar Eyvazov: Epidemic process under control in Azerbaijan
"For almost two years now, we have been fighting the new coronavirus infection. Throughout these months, each of us, to one degree or another, is feeling the impact of this infection on our lives," said Tayyar Eyvazov, a specialist expert of the Health Ministry.

According to him, during this period, the knowledge about the disease has expanded significantly.

"We managed to mobilize efforts to protect ourselves and our loved ones from contracting the virus. Our state is taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We also realized how important it is to show civic responsibility to get out of this situation. As time has shown, joint effective work makes its contribution. Despite the fact that now the autumn-winter season is the most favorable for the spread of infection, it is gratifying that we were able to take control of the epidemic process. At the same time, the epidemic situation in neighboring and in many distant countries is by no means rosy. This once again suggests that in order to preserve and increase what we have achieved to date, we should not be too complacent."


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