Remains of "Iskander" missiles, used by Armenia against Azerbaijan, being demonstrated (PHOTO)

Remains of
Remains of "Iskander" missiles, used by Armenia against Azerbaijan during the Patriotic War, are demonstrated today, APA reports.

Remains of the "Iskander" missiles are presented by the employees of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) in the territory of the "Azerlandshaft" Open Joint Stock Company.

Chairman of headquarters of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan Idris Ismayilov noted that more than 100 unexploded ordnances have been found out in Shusha so far: "Remains of two exploded missiles in the distance of about 780 meters have been found in two different places of Shusha city by employees on March 15. These missiles have been determined o be "Iskander” missiles for the 9M723 code on them during the review. The total length of the missile is 7.2 meters and its diameter is 920 mm. The rocket is fully exploded and consists of two parts. There is a lot of information about the type of missile and the modification code. There are some kinds of it. In order to define that kind, you need to identify the text on it. This text has not yet been identified by the Agency. Search investigations are being continued in that territory. If any additional code and any text are found, information will be provided”.

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