Protest actions "yellow vessels" starts in France (UPDATED/PHOTO)

Protest actions
Protest action against the "yellow vessels" has started in France. informs citing the Huriyyet that the rally participants are moving towards "Victory" and "Star" squares and the Champs-Élysées.

*** 12.25

Today law enforcement agencies of France have detained 278 people before the start of a large-scale protest movement of the "yellow vests" in Paris. informs that France Info informs referring to a source in the police.

Most detainees are taken into custody for "participating in a group to prepare for violence or harm".

According to the source of the Agency France-Presse, 34 people have been detained, masks and hammers were seized from them.

Protest of so-called "yellow vests” movement, which is in particular against the increase in gasoline prices, began in France on November 17. Mass protests are accompanied by clashes between demonstrators and police, pogroms and arson of cars, destruction of shops and banks.