Population in Azerbaijan may get profit from solar energy

Population in Azerbaijan may get profit from solar energy
"It is possible to significantly increase share of alternative sources in energy production in Azerbaijan through signing the long-term guaranteed purchase contracts with energy-producing entrepreneurs and creating possibility for the population to give more energy into the network.”

Tahir Mirkishili, member of the Milli Majlis Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship told Report.

The lawmaker noted that the world is rapidly expanding alternative energy, i.e. energy of the sun, the wind: "Every year, cost of this type of energy is rapidly falling, and in many countries there are programs to stimulate generation of solar and wind energy, for example, in Turkey, solar energy-producing entrepreneurs and energy distribution agencies sign 15-year guarantee contracts. In Germany, wind energy producers are given subsidies. In many countries, people are allowed to install "bilateral measuring instruments." That is, persons who set up such a device for the production of solar energy at home, send an excess energy consumption to the public network and get revenue from energy distribution agency. This allows the population to get some income, and can increase production of clean energy in the country.”

Mirkishili noted that 260 days in a year are sunny in Azerbaijan, therefore potential of solar energy production is quite high in the country.