PHOTO conversation with Alim Gasimov - PHOTO

PHOTO conversation with Alim Gasimov - PHOTO
One of the most famous singers of Azerbaijan Alim Gasimov was born in 1957 in Shamakhi. Gasimov graduated from Baku Music College . A. Zeinally, where he took lessons from the most famous and renowned teachers . First Alim won success in the 25 years the competition mugham.On November 19, 1999 Alim Gasimov won an international music award UNESCO. Thanks to his creative activity of the unique musical art mugam found in countries such as France , England , Germany , Belgium, Spain, Brazil , Japan , Iran and the U.S., which Gasimov performed with concert programs . He continues to play an important role in the dissemination of the culture around the world.Alim Gasimov is a member of the famous project " Silk Road" , organized by the world-renowned cellist Yo -Yo Ma , and a member of the ensemble " Silk Road ", which consists of the best musicians in the world .People's Artist of Azerbaijan Alim Gasimov was one of four Azerbaijanis among the 500 most influential Muslims in the world , chosen by competition , conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies and the famous American Georgetown University in Jordan.On July 26, 2012 in Baku in the final 57th song contest Eurovision the art worker sang with a representative of Azerbaijan Sabina Babayeva .Alim Gasimov is married. He has two daughters and one son .We are presenting to your attention the family photos of world- famous Azerbaijani singer Alim Gasimov together with his comments .

Look at this picture. Looking at her, felt that since childhood I was very independent . This is my first photo.

Mom, Dad and I and my brother . My brother took such a position , thoughnow will act . Is it so you can stand when you take pictures ?

This photo was shot in the village "Ashagy Guzdek " before militaryservice. Oh, what was the time spent together , how many emotions andunforgettable moments .

Oh , look closely at this picture. Here I put on a suit with sandals .Surely I was once a playboy . By the way, I bought this suit money heearned .

I have many memories associated with this shirt . While this shirt wasin a terrible state . I remember how my father took me to the Kubinka .He bought me this shirt for 35 rubles . This was my favorite shirt whileI was wearing , almost without lifting . I think turned out prettysuccessful picture, because this shirt and my hair is very curly lookgood together.

This photo taken in the hospital during his military service . While we were forced to break the ice . I asked how long will we do this? It was terribly cold and hard. It was intolerable that forced me to even call home and complain to their mother tongue.

I finished military service in Kaliningrad. I note that in this picture of my face a little "clean up" , as in my youth have never had such smooth skin. Okay, but how to you get this jacket ? Oh , I remember . This jacket is my brother , in which he came to see me. When photographed , I borrowed it from him . I am here is similar to the " Indian guy ."

This photo shot during military service. See what condition my face in this photo. Previous picture is likely processed on a computer. If I had known in advance, then seized the moment and made a lot of pictures .

We go to one of my betrothal relatives . While Azerbaijani wedding had a special beauty and appeal. How many interesting things and events in the past.

My beloved mother and wife . See how she is sitting together with mother- in-law.

My wife, children and brother's family at his home. Our youth was full of pleasant memories that can not be forgotten , even over time.

In my youth I was a regular at weddings. Do not ask the person sitting next to me. Honestly, I do not remember .

This photo was taken during my visit to America. I Ramiz Guliyev and Shafiga Eyvazova specially photographed for the sale of tickets for our concert .

While we were taking things for hire to go on stage . Looking at this picture , I thank God that we are now able to put their own things during performances.

In this picture I am with Melekhanum fulfill one of our beautiful mugams accompanied folk orchestra . I forgot what we then sang .

We came with a concert to France. This photo was taken at the hotel. Several people, including members of the ensemble, lived in one room. We are very fun. Sometimes, we even prepared their own meals when we wanted to.

It is also one of the photographs taken in France. It seems, in my youth I loved to be photographed.

I give my autograph during a concert in Germany. Ah, youth. Let the young people appreciate this wonderful time.

This is a very interesting picture. I'm on it in my coat, and with me is standing a man in a suit. That's not clear, or I'm dying from the cold, or it is very hot. This coat I bought on the way to Shamakhi. Then I was very cold, well, almost as it is now.

We were preparing for the wedding of one of our friend. The day before the wedding, we went to a bath for the Soviet, which was closed for us specifically. At this time, there are traditions and practices, which, alas, now they're gone. This is one of the wonderful days I spent in a circle of friends, for example, the master of kamancha Adalat Vezirov, Mohlet Muslumov (tar) and Fakhraddin Dadashov (kamancha), etc.

What are you wearing? Maybe these glasses really something interesting to show others around us, but I'm not lazy and put them on.

My wife at one time was an amateur photograph. It turns out she had been keeping an archive all of our family photos.

My beloved daughter, my dear Fergana. At school she was different with her skill to beautifully read poetry.

My daughter Dilrube. As a child she played the Comanches and perfectly sang Turkish songs. But then, for some reason, did not want to continue. She has a very good ear. She listens and gives an estimate. Dilrube helps me a lot in choosing the songs.

My son Ghadir. He played very well on the packaging, but by their nature stopped doing. His game is radically different from other musicians, she awakened in the soul of the audience an incredible feeling.

I'm eating fruit in the lamplight. Oh, may light be turned on soon!

On the photo you can see that we lived in a "decrepit" apartment. Despite this, we had a very friendly and happy family. My two daughters, son, wife, and people close to me.

In our house frequented by guests. See how everyone is happy.

Oh, look at these pants, jacket and hat. It reminds me of a hard life, but if I put the hat on, so he was able to earn his living and feed their families.

In those years Fergana loved mugham. I like it in the power of incredible charm and genius abilities.

Momentous day in the life of my daughter Dilrube. We, as parents, we pray for her. God grant happiness to all children.

Oh, this is my wife? And what is she doing here? If I knew it earlier, it would have made a great accordion. It's great that you've found this photo and showed it to me. I have not seen my wife so beautiful. What a fun image of her and what she is modest! Be sure to increase this photo and hang on the wall in a beautiful frame.

This image photographed in Iran. These flowers gave me at a concert. This cool jacket, do not even remember when I had one. Honestly, until today I have not had things that would sit on me so well.

As if we had not seen each other for several years. Oh, except now you can find that kind of love? Look how hard it around my neck.

This image photographed during our stay with her daughter Fergana concerts in different countries of the world. We also found time to get some rest.

In the yard of our house in Shamakhi. With melancholy look at "saj", or am in a state of shock because everyone had already eaten, either because that has not had enough.

Very fond of water, but constantly freezing. Lazy to go into the water and began to swim, can not stop.

In the courtyard of the house of my Shamakhi matchmaker. Along with grandchildren, we organized a family ensemble. Tambourine, where I play, covered with snakeskin. It's a gift of a friend who brought it to me from China.

My daughter-in-law, my wife and me. Picture taken during a holiday in the country. I do not remember exactly which region.

Fergana and her kids. They are real asterisk our house.

We traveled abroad to participate in a festival. Dad and daughter taking the time to relax a bit and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Dance - it is also an art and love. Alim can not only sing, but also dance.

Celebrate the birthday of my daughter-in-law in her father's house in the village Guzdek. God grant them a long and happy life.

Our little treasures. This photo is not the youngest granddaughter Hulya. God forbid, I will soon hear the joyful news of my son Gadir and daughter, then I will have 7 grandchildren.

Alim Gasimov not only sings. Sometimes he can even milk a cow.

In foreign countries, when I saw the musicians singing and playing, I was not off to join them. We are together with them sing and dance.

With friends during the pilgrimage. Let faith and love to God will never be extinguished in our hearts.

Awards for me are not important. For me, the main thing - it's recognition and love of the nation - my listener.

With friends Rasim Balaev and Sohrab Tahir.

At the concert, together with Arif Babaev and sisters Fidan and Khuraman Gasimovas. In this photo Fidan Khanum covered her face, maybe, in her opinion, it was then not in the best shape.

It's a gift that I did one artist in Tabriz. This picture - a work of art, I carefully keep at home.

After PHOTO conversation Alim muallim was photographed during the singing of mugham.

Prepared Rustam GasimovWhen preparing the materials, was used Translation: Surkhay MuradANN.Az