Now Libya’s ISIS extremist attack music as they burn ‘un-Islamic’ drums

Now Libya’s ISIS extremist attack music as they burn ‘un-Islamic’ drums
ISIS in Libya have released pictures of armed fighters burning musical instruments as the extremist group continues its propaganda assault in the north African country.

Pictures of the heavily armed masked militants watching while a pile of drums burnt in the Libyan desert were released earlier today - purportedly by the 'media wing' of the local group.

It is understood the brightly coloured instruments had been confiscated by the religious police, and were destroyed near the port city of Derna, in eastern Libya.

A message released with the pictures explains: 'Hesbah seized these un-Islamic musical instruments in the state of Warqa (we call it the city of Derna).

It adds they were 'burnt in accordance with Islamic law'.

Whether or not it actually is has been a point of some debate in the Islamic world, but Libya's ISIS recruits are not the first to burn instruments.

Earlier this year, religious police were filmed beating musicians and destroying their instruments as punishment for playing an 'un-Islamic' keyboard.

The men were pictured being hit across the back and legs with a wooden stick in a public square in Syria after ISIS's fanatical Islamic enforcers ruled the electric keyboard was 'offensive to Muslims'.

Another picture shows two keyboards and what appears to be a lute smashed to pieces after raids thought to have taken place in Bujaq, a few miles to the east of Aleppo in Syria. 

These latest pictures from Libya are the latest in an onslaught of 'propaganda' being released by the country's local branch of ISIS. 

The group, and its march through Libya, was brought back into the spotlight with the release of a five minute video showing the murders of a group of Coptic Christians.

The men were beheaded by the extremists on the beach at Sirte, allowing them to film the blood running into the Mediterranean. 
It has since released pictures showing a smart fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers carrying the notorious black flag of Islamic State as they drive in perfect unison through the streets of Libya. 



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