Name of European Gymnastics Union changed

Name of European Gymnastics Union changed
The General Assembly of the European Union of Gymnastics was held in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. informs citing the official website of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation that the country was represented at the event by Secretary General of the structure Nurlana Mammadzade, member of the Executive Committee Mariana Vasilyeva, International Relations Manager Manager of the Federation Mehman Aliyev and Technical Director Natalya Bulanova.

A number of important decisions were made at the General Assembly with the participation of 47 member federations. The main decisions were the introduction of a number of changes to the Charter of the organization in the name of the future development of gymnastics and changing the name of the structure.

In the future, the European Union of Gymnastics will be called European Gymnastics. The change will take effect on April 1, 2020.

Notably, European Gymnastics is headed by Farid Gaibov, who was the General Secretary of the UEG in in 2006-2017.

The next meeting of the General Assembly of the organization will be held in December 2021 in the Portuguese city of Albufeira.

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