Must have a head for heights!

Must have a head for heights!
A new attraction in western Germany is drawing thousands of daredevil tourists every day thanks to its dizzying views nearly 300ft above a canyon floor.

Fearless visitors crossed the newly-erected rope suspension bridge for the first time this weekend, taking in the stunning scenery high above the trees at Geierley canyon.

At nearly 1,200ft in length, it is Germany’s longest rope suspension bridge – and those who dare to cross it must have a head for heights.

With plenty of spots to take the perfect selfie, the bridge is set in a picturesque forest between the towns of Morsdorf and Sosberg, near Germany’s border with Luxembourg.

It was the brainchild of local officials, who were looking for ways to lure more tourists to the region and support local businesses.

The idea was first proposed in 2006 but plans were abandoned after they were deemed infeasible.

Five years later, the project was resuscitated and another feasibility was launched – this time with better results.

After a contract was awarded to a Swiss building firm last December, construction began on 26 May and it finished in record time, with the bridge opening to thrillseekers 130 days later.

While the bridge is the main attraction, tourism bosses are using it to promote four-mile hiking trails in the region.

The feasibility study found that the bridge should draw 170,000 visitors annually, and officials are hoping 50,000 of them will be overnight guests who will stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts and help to pour an additional €2.5million (£1.8million) into the local economy.


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