Millions of dollars in revenue continues

Millions of dollars in revenue continues
According to SOCAR Capital, the next interest payment of $ 1,250,000 on SOCAR Bonds with a face value of $ 1,000, a maturity of 5 years, an annual yield of 5% and interest paid on a quarterly basisquarterly interest payments was transferred to the accounts of the bondholders on July 17.

For almost 5 years, SOCAR Bonds, which has become the most sought afterbecame the most liquid security in the local stock market, once again brought $ 1.25 million to its owners holders as a result of the third and overall 19th interest payment in 2021. Thus, the total income of bondholders increased to $ 23.75 million (total income will be $ 25 million.)

The fact that the volume of secondary market transactions exceeded $ 200 million, the number of deals reached 2,500 and became the most frequently traded corporate financial debt instrument on the Baku Stock Exchange indicates the high demand for SOCAR Bonds.

SOCAR Bonds, which can also be obtained from ASAN Service Centers 1 and 5, had a 73% share in the country's corporate bond market in terms of the number of transactions in the first half of 2021.

The next and final coupon payment of SOCAR Bonds is scheduled towill take place on October 17th this year.

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