Military pilot's wife: Our children will follow his path

Military pilot's wife: Our children will follow his path
"I have studied such cases in the internet. Collected information. It is odd that in most of such cases, the pilots were able to catapult. The situation with Rashad's aircraft is strange and can only be clarified when the data on the black box is decoded," said Gabil Huseynli, the father-in-law of military pilot, colonel-lieutenant Rashad Abdullayev, who died in the crash of MiG-29 military aircraft of Azerbaijani air forces.

Huseynli reminded that the contacts with Rashad's aircraft were lost the same moment the aircraft disappeared from the radar: "It was found out that the aircraft headed towards the sea the moment the contact was lost. The inspections will clarify everything. As far as I know, the black box will be studied in Azerbaijan and a lab was created in this connection. As we know, the aircraft was sent for its last repair to Ukraine's Lviv. Therefore, the Ukrainian specialists were invited here."

He said Rashad led a honorable life. "He had so many dreams. But his dreams did not come true. He died for his Fatherland."

Rashad's wife Konul Huseynova said their children will follow his path.