Russia's Mi-8 helicopter crashes in Chechnya: 6 dead (UPDATED)

Russia's Mi-8 helicopter crashes in Chechnya: 6 dead (UPDATED)
At least six people were killed as a result of crash of Mi-8 helicopter in Chechnya. informs referring to the Interfax, said the headquarters at the scene of incident near village of Shatoi.

"According to preliminary data, six people became victims of the accident, one more seriously wounded. Seven people were on board," the source said.

As the head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov said, the helicopter belongs to border troops. It collapsed in the mountains in a narrow gorge, finding itself in difficult weather conditions.

"According to the latest information, there are dead and injured, the number of which is being specified," he said.
Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Chechnya, Russian Federation, informs referring to the TASS.

The source says that the dead were reported. According to preliminary report, 9 people were on board of the fallen helicopter, at least 5 people dead.

"The reports are being specified," the source said.

He added that presumably, Mi-8 helicopter belongs to the border guard service.