Last year police detained 31 persons recognized in criminal world

Last year police detained 31 persons recognized in criminal world
As a result of complex preventive measures implemented last year, the total number of crimes decreased by 2.7 percent compared to 2016. informs, says the 2017 report of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The document stated that 418 offenses were opened together with the prosecution authorities that continued their investigative actions and operational search activities for the remaining crimes.

It was noted that, in general, the opening of crimes amounted to 85.8 percent, which is improved by 2.6 percent in the reporting year, compared to 2016.

A total of 3415 people (13 percent more than in 2016) who evaded from the courts and investigative bodies, were also detained. Places of 76 persons who wanted by the Interpol National Bureau, were identified. The index of search activity was 71.4 percent.

During reporting period, 13,822 persons who have committed crimes, as well as 2,454 persons committed serious and particularly grave crimes, have also been detained.

According to report, 1028 criminal groups were neutralized as a result of the search operations, were detained 31 persons, who recognized in the criminal world, as well were killed 2 armed persons resisted police officers.

During reporting period, 332 facts of illicit firearms and trafficking were detected in the country, and 151 persons were brought to justice. Illegally handled 839 firearms and 25,000 cartridges were seized.