Land of a thousand mirrors

Land of a thousand mirrors
The awe-inspiring landscape of China has been transformed into a multi-coloured palette of reflective mirrors thanks to the skill of one photographer.

Malaysian camera man, Alex Goh Seong, travelled to Yuanyang in Yunnan, China to capture these amazing rice paddy reflections at the witching hour.

To achieve the breathtaking shots the pictures were taken from exactly 30 minutes before the sun went down to show a mirrored landscape reflecting the colours of twilight.

Orange, purple, yellow and blue hues of natural light can be seen cascading down the levels of the flooded rice paddies almost creating a tie-dyed effect, rippling across the expanse.

On closer inspection, Seong's photographs have also captured the tiny human figures of farmers tending their rice terraces.

His other pictures while taken in the enchanting region, reveal the morning sunlit scenery shimmering through the clouds with a scattering of village dwellings.


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