J. Sumerinli: NATO will enhance support to Azerbaijan

J. Sumerinli: NATO will enhance support to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani-Turkish military cooperation has  been lasting for 20 years, and continues successfully , said in an interview on-line television " Objective TV " Jasur Sumerenli, the  head of "Doctrine" Military Studies Journalism Center.

According to him, this cooperation began in 1994. In 2010, after signing an agreement on mutual assistance military cooperation  expanded.

"But , unfortunately, it  has not reached yet  an  expected high level. Nevertheless , Turkey is a military partner of Azerbaijan Number 1.

Turkey  has always provided greater military support to Azerbaijan on a bilateral level, or within the NATO cooperation," said Sumerinli. According to him, specific areas of cooperation have been determined in the Treaty on Mutual Assistance  signed in 2010.

"It contains specific  points  on cooperation in the military-technical sphere , military education and joint exercises. But  for  four years  the  parties  have  only limited mutual visits. We hope that after the visit of a high-ranking Turkish military delegation the prospects of military cooperation will be implemented  completely," said Sumerinli.

In his opinion, after the Russian occupation of the Crimea, Turkey will increase  support  for  the Caspian region.

However, he drew attention to the fact that at a meeting on April 1-2 of  the heads of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, it was decided to increase in the near future the support of the Alliance  for Azerbaijan , Moldova and Armenia. Turkey’s role will increase especially in this direction.

"We believe that the position of Azerbaijan,  the  only ally of Turkey  in the region should be further strengthened, because the situation in the region is changing. There is a threat  of occupation of the region by Russia," Sumerinli  believes.

According to the expert , joint  military exercises  should be held with the participation of Turkey. "We expect that in the near future  joint military exercises with Turkey will be conducted, both on land and in the Caspian Sea," said Sumerinli.

According to the expert , NATO is also ready to assist Azerbaijan in the field of energy security and cyber crime. "Very soon, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry delegation will visit NATO. During the visit, the prospects for eventual NATO's assistance to Azerbaijan will be discussed. NATO support will increase in the area of ​​energy and cyber-security, and also reforms in the armed forces. We hope that eventually NATO will express its intention to supply weapons to Azerbaijan," said Sumerinli.


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