ISIS thugs behead blindfolded man and crucify his corpse ...

ISIS thugs behead blindfolded man and crucify his corpse ...
ISIS thugs have sunk to even lower depths of depravity by beheading a man - before crucifying his corpse.

The gruesome execution is thought to have taken place in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. The reason for the man's execution is a mystery.

It resembles equally horrific footage from June, when Islamic State thugs cut off a suspected spy's hand and leg while he was tied to a cross.

The latest bloody piece of propaganda was released just over a week after the terror group's leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi forbade the release of execution videos.

One of the four pictures shows the blindfolded man kneeling in the middle of a road while in the background, one militant hands the murder weapon to the executioner.

The second graphic picture shows him delivering the killing blow and the third shows the deceased man's headless body lying still on the ground.

If that was not a brutal enough end, the depraved terrorists suspend the man's body in the air by his arms - and place is head on a nearby ledge.

The grotesque images have been shared on social media but no experts, ISIS supporter or anti-ISIS activists have shed light on why the man was killed.

Earlier this month, ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi banned the barbaric execution videos his fighters have become so hated for, because he was 'worried about the group's image'.

He supposedly sent a letter to his media offices saying they were no longer allowed to show violent scenes in their propaganda videos.

Al-Baghdadi allegedly claimed he made the decision because he does not want to offend Muslims who might think the videos are scary for children.

Last week ISIS gunned down six civilians in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, where their latest propaganda images came from, according to ARA News.

It claims the terror group opened fire on innocent people as they tried to access relief aid which was being delivered to the war-torn neighbourhoods in the city's northern districts. 

A civil rights activist told ARA News: 'The activists were carrying food supplies in an attempt to reach western neighborhoods via the Euphrates River from Mahimidiyah village,' Shami said.

Mujahid ash-Shami claims that two of his fellow activists were slaughtered in the attack.

He added: 'The terrorist group prevents access to the populated neighborhoods in western Deir ez-Zor where hundreds of civilians are starving under siege.'

Ash-Shami said several children have died of hunger in the ISIS-held area over the last few months as the situation there deteriorates. 

ISIS has reportedly been imposing a blockade on the regime-held districts of Jura and Qusour for months - preventing the entry of medicine and fuel.


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