Hulusi Akar addresses Armenian leadership

Hulusi Akar addresses Armenian leadership
The ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which was announced last year, allows an important opportunity for a new page, Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in his article published in RealClearDefense, informs.

"In addition, Turkey was one of the first countries to reject and condemn the attempted coup in Armenia in February 2020. The opportunity for security, stability, peace and prosperity, not only for Armenia but also for the region as a whole that should not be missed," Akar said.

"Perhaps Armenia's leaders can lend an ear to the messages being sent by Turkey to Armenia, and if they choose to invest in peace, the political and economic dividends will be high for the entire region. Turkey would like to see third countries – including allies like the U.S. – either help with ushering in this new understanding or be wary of efforts to politicize a historical controversy. Our clear preference is for the first alternative. Because only then can the historical interdependence and coexistence that General Harbord was able to report on back in 1919 may once again transpire. It is then and only then that Harbord’s mission may truly be over," he added.

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