Health Ministry launches inspections in maternity houses

Health Ministry launches inspections in maternity houses
"A pilot project of neonatal screening program has been developed in Azerbaijan," Nasib Guliyev, director of the K.Faradjov's scientific-research institute of pediatrics, chief specialist in pediatrics at the Ministry of Health, said.

He noted that the screening facility has already been ordered.

Guliyev said the main goal in preparation of the pilot project is to ensure early diagnosing of frequent cases of phenylketonuria, hypotheriosis, mucoviscidosis, adrenogenital syndrome, glycogenosis.

The head pediatrician said that clinical protocols were prepared in order to ensure breast feeding, and monitoring was launched to check children's nutrition in the maternity houses: "The main goal is to bring the child mortality in the country to the level of indicators of the developed countries in the next one or two years."

He noted that 119,769 children died in 11 months of the last year: "In the respective period of 2017, this indicator was 126,693 people."