He obviously takes pride in his appearance

He obviously takes pride in his appearance
This king of the jungle knows a thing or two about making sure he is the mane attraction.

With his luxurious bouffant style hair coiffured to perfection it is clear Leon takes pride in his appearance.

He has become the star attraction at Usti nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic, where he stands head and shoulders above the other cats. 

Whether he is rolling in the grass or relaxing on a rock, Leon's voluminous shaggy side-parting receives many admiring glances from visitors. 

His effortless tresses leaves many questioning whether he has had a brush with a hairdressers scissors.

It is believed keepers at the zoo help Leon keep his impressive barnet in tip top condition. 

The congolese lion, has lived at the zoo since 2005 along with his sister Ronja.

A younger female called Kivu joined their enclosure last year.



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