Chief epidemiologist: "There is no 'swine flu' in Azerbaijan"

Chief epidemiologist:
"There is no 'swine flu' (H1N1) in Azerbaijan today," country's chief epidemiologist Ibadulla Agayev said.

According to Report, he said media outlets should be cautious on this matter: "There is the information about 'swine flu' in neighbor countries. If this virus spreads massively in our country, the healthcare authorities will take preventive measures. There is no vaccine against this type of flu."

Agayev noted that the incidence of flu infection remained and will remain in place: "Every person must have his own doctor. Since flu is a seasonal disease, it is natural that it spreads in a cold season. To protect oneself from it, people should be cautious and use protective masks."

He added that the no one can sell any medicines, including vaccines without the permission of the Health Ministry: "The Ministry's depot did not give any medical preparations to anyone or anywhere. There is no vaccine against 'swine flu' and nothing has been given to anyone."