Budget surplus makes up AZN 403.8M

Budget surplus makes up AZN 403.8M
In the first quarter of 2019, the receipt of the state budget amounted to AZN 5,439,700,000, expenditures to AZN 5,035,900,000, budget surplus to AZN 403.8 million, Ann.az informs.

According to the ministry, budget receipts were executed at AZN 5,439,700,000 or 99.1%, up AZN 876.3 million or 19.2%.

Ministry of Taxes transferred AZN 1,672,900,000 to the state budget, up AZN 236.4 million or 16.5% in comparison to a year earlier.

Of this, AZN 1,155,400,000 or 69.1% came from non-oil sector.

State Customs Committee transferred AZN 1,014,100,000, which is AZN 287.1 million or 39.5% more than 2018. Transfers from paid services by budget-funded organizations amounted to AZN 93.8 million.

Other transfers stood at AZN 43.9 million, up AZN 22.3 million or twofold by contrast to 2018.

SOFAZ transferred AZN 2,615,000,000 to the state budget.

Budget expenditures were executed at AZN 5,035,900,000 or 100.4%, up AZN 627.9 million or 14.2% in comparison to a year ago.

Of this, AZN 2,104,500,000 or 41.8% was spent on social fields (up AZN 343.2 million or 19.5% from previous year), AZN 2,707,300,000 or 53.8% on current expenses, AZN 1,984,400,000 or 39.4% on capital expenditures, AZN 344.2 million or 6.8% on government debt and liabilities.

State investments amounted to AZN 927.7 million, including AZN 210.0 million was directed to construction and reconstruction of objects on science, health, social, culture, sports and other areas, AZN 717.7 million to construction and reconstruction of energy, water and gas supply, transport, utility, melioration infrastructural facilities and other investment projects.

Revenues of consolidated budget stood at AZN 9,192,200,000, up AZN 2,129,200,000 or 30.1% by contrast to a year ago. Expenditures dropped by AZN 319.0 million or 6.7% to AZN 5,076,900,000.

Surplus of consolidated budget amounted to AZN 4,115,300,000. 


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