Azerbaijani, Turkish militaries watch F-16 demonstration flights (PHOTO)

Azerbaijani, Turkish militaries watch F-16 demonstration flights (PHOTO)
The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Ramiz Tahirov, who is on a visit to Turkey, participated in the Distinguished Visitors Day held as part of the "Anatolian Phoenix-2021" Exercises. informs, citing Azerbaijan's Defense Minister, that first, the guests observed the demonstration flights of F-5 and F-16 aircraft belonging to the "Solo Turk" and "Turkish Stars" aviation groups of the Turkish Air Force.

Then, a briefing was given about the exercise objective, readiness and accommodation of military personnel, forces involved in exercises, tasks fulfilled, flights, and the use of aircraft. The guests got acquainted with the military personnel and aircraft involved in the exercises and observed the practical fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

The crews involved in the exercises fulfilled tasks for various episodes.

The level of professionalism of the Air Force’s personnel and Naval Special Forces Units of Azerbaijan was highly evaluated by the exercise leadership.

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