Azerbaijani shot dead in his own house in US (PHOTO)

Azerbaijani shot dead in his own house in US (PHOTO)
37-year-old Azerbaijani-born Nail Salamov was shot dead in Pennsylvania on Monday night while trying to keep intruders from entering his home, Report informs citing the US media. It was just past 10 p.m. Monday when police say two intruders tried forcing their way into the victim's Birchwood Road home with his two children in rooms nearby. According to police, Salamov fought to keep the men from entering. 

That is when one of the attackers pepper-sprayed him, and the other shot him, before fleeing the scene. 

First responders say Salamov was in tremendous pain, but still lucid when they arrived moments later. Still, the father of two died of his wounds a few hours later at Reading Hospital. 

Wyomissing Police Chief Jeffrey Biehl says he has reason to believe that Salamov was specifically targeted. 
Salamov has no criminal history, worked several jobs, and was very well liked.

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