Azerbaijani President: Support of Turkish state and people is of special importance

Azerbaijani President: Support of Turkish state and people is of special importance
"I am very glad that you have come. Your arrival has a special meaning for our country at this difficult time. This is once again a manifestation of Turkey's brotherly attitude towards Azerbaijan, a manifestation of solidarity. We felt Turkey's support immediately after these events, and we feel it today. My dear brother, Mr. President has made very positive and very clear statements. These statements pleased the people of Azerbaijan, showed the whole world that the Turkish-Azerbaijani unity is unshakable, and we stand by each other in difficult times. I have said this several times, and I want to say again that if this open position had not been shown, other forces could have intervened today. Armenia's goal is already this, they want to expand the geography of this conflict and they are on the wrong track. Because they see that they cannot stand in front of us alone. We defeat them on the battlefield," said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in the reception of delegation led by Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Shentop, reports.

The head of state added that very good news comes from the front every day: "This morning I announced the liberation of new villages. The Azerbaijani Army is on the victory march and all the tasks before us are being fulfilled.

The President of Azerbaijan said that the support of the Turkish state and people is of special importance.

"Turkey and Azerbaijan are the countries which are the closest to each other on a world scale. It is impossible to find the second country on the world scale which is close to each other as Turkey and Azerbaijan. We always stand by each other. It will be so then too. Both statements of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, your, Mr. chairman statements, and statements of the ministers, letters which I received from ordinary citizens from Turkey are the manifestation of big solidarity.

 I once again express my gratitude for your this position, for your brotherhood position, and for coming. I am sure that your visit will be a new beautiful page in the history of our brotherly relations,” said Azerbaijani President.

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