Azerbaijani MES addresses population on coronavirus threat (VIDEO)

Azerbaijani MES addresses population on coronavirus threat (VIDEO)
Taking into account the increase of coronavirus infection in our country in recent days and weather condition is favorable for the spread of infectious and respiratory diseases, the Ministry of Emergency Situations calls on the population to follow the requirements of special quarantine regime applied in the country and to follow the relevant safety rules in order to be protected from this dangerous virus, Azerbaijani MES told

 So, for the health and safety of yourself and your relatives, it is enough to follow three very simple rules:

-wear surgical mask properly in all indoor and outdoor public spaces;

-practicing the social distance of at least 2m;

-wash your hands frequently with soap or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer

-if you and your relatives experience symptoms of a coronavirus infection (fever, sore throat and pain, dry cough, shortness of breath), seek emergency medical care immediately.

Remember: indifference to the rules is a threat to our lives.

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