Azerbaijani Defense Ministry dismisses another Armenian disinformation

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry dismisses another Armenian disinformation
The websites controlled by the Armenian Defense Minister have once again begun to disseminate false and fake information about the Azerbaijani Army, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday. 

This kind of [disinformation] is designed for the internal audience in Armenia, said the defense ministry.

The Armenian side, by disseminating this kind of disinformation, tries to allege that it possesses enough information about the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, said the statement. 

"In fact, the recently published letters "full of confidential data” are written so illiterately and inaccurately that their falsity does not cause any doubt,” said the defense ministry. "All this is nothing more than a scrap of paper prepared unprofessionally and inaccurately by Armenia’s special forces and "counter-propaganda experts.”

The statement further said that falsifications and mistakes in the latest letter attract even more attention. 

This letter contains a lot of grammatical errors (up to 20 errors) and does not correspond to internal correspondence and record-keeping in the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, the defense ministry said, stressing that the dates, figures, places and names indicated in these documents are completely invented.

Moreover, the letter incredibly exaggerates information about the Azerbaijani army losses during last year’s April battles, the defense ministry added. 

"Representatives of all media outlets and the public in Azerbaijan took part in the funeral ceremonies for the soldiers martyred during the April battles and witnessed the high appreciation the country’s Supreme Commander-in-Chief gave to our army and how he rewarded our heroes,” said the statement. "Thus, Armenia’s disinformation about the alleged concealment of the number of losses by the Azerbaijani side is nothing but a bluff and does not correspond to any ethical norms.” 

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry stated that it is impossible to hide losses in the period of technical progress. 

"The figures that the Armenians cite as losses of the Azerbaijani army during the April battles, in fact, reflect the losses the Armenian army suffered, the defense ministry said. "The Armenian leadership, which has not recovered after the April battles, deliberately overestimates the losses of the Azerbaijani side in order to mislead the Armenian population.” 

"For some reason, the Armenian leadership forgets that the Azerbaijani army has freed an area of 2,000 hectares from the occupation after conducting a successful counterattack,” added the ministry.

"Such falsification by the Armenian side is another unsuccessful step taken in the Armenian style in response to the facts disseminated in recent days by the Azerbaijani media about negative events in the aggressive Armenian army,” said the defense ministry.

"Trying to whitewash itself, the criminal military-political regime with such news tries to divert the attention of population from the growing number of suicides, violence and other criminal acts among servicemen, which are related to the deplorable situation in the Armenian army.”

"Today Armenia, which faces failure on the frontline, is trying to relatively compensate its failure by "fighting” in the press, virtual space and on paper under the name of an Azerbaijani blogger who has never served in the Azerbaijani army and registered in social networks with a fake IP,” added the defense ministry.

The Azerbaijani defense ministry states that the information and documents disseminated by the Armenian side are completely false, calling on the local media not to succumb to such provocations.