Azerbaijan unveils situation with novel coronavirus

Azerbaijan unveils situation with novel coronavirus
"Azerbaijan has reported no cases of coronavirus. No suspicious case has entered the country," Director of the Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology at Azerbaijan's Ministry of Health Afag Aliyeva told Report.

She noted that the situation is stable, and, at present, the country is seeing a respiratory virus infection. The influenza virus observed in the country causes seasonal flu. However, Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev has signed an order to carry out preventive measures. According to the order, specific instructions were sent to all medical departments of the ministry."

The expert addressed the citizens and warned that the symptoms of the virus are similar to the flu clinic. He urged people to stay away from places of mass gathering.

"If you have a sick person around you, it is advisable not to contact him/her. Washing hands with soap and rubbing with alcohol is a must. Moreover, if someone reveals any signs of the virus, they should seek medical attention immediately."