Azerbaijan to create tour packages on eve of Novruz holiday

Azerbaijan to create tour packages on eve of Novruz holiday
Museum vouchers and discounted tickets will be given to tourists at the airports and railway stations in Azerbaijan, said the "Strategic Road Map for Development of Specialized Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan” approved by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s decree, dated December 6, 2016.

According to the document, the creation of tour packages is important in terms of attracting more tourists.

For this purpose, coordinating its work with international and local tour operators, the country’s National Tourism Promotion Bureau will support a tour package which would include hotels and airline tickets on the eve of Novruz holiday, the document said.

Moreover, on Tuesdays, on the eve of the spring holiday, and during the Novruz celebrations, outdoor festivals will be held, folk music groups from neighboring countries will perform and banquet tables will be laid.

Participation in these events will also be included in tour packages.

Meanwhile, via the websites of local tour operators, foreign tourists will have an opportunity to create tour packages themselves, where they will be able to choose flight, hotel, tours and various trips, and rent a car.

On the websites of tour operators, tourists will be able to create a special tour package for themselves, choose the directions relevant for them, places to rest, services and other options.