Azerbaijan, Pakistan to sign new deals in humanitarian sphere

Azerbaijan, Pakistan to sign new deals in humanitarian sphere
Azerbaijan and Pakistan are in the process of signing a number of agreements in the field of education, sports and culture, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said in an exclusive interview with Trend.

Stressing that both Azerbaijan and Pakistan are known to be the cradle of ancient civilizations, the minister said they share a rich history, traditions and culture.

"Generations of travelers have traveled to both countries through the Silk Route, which has been instrumental in further enriching and influencing each other’s culture, way of living and cuisine. We are therefore committed to foster and strengthen our cooperation in all these areas," said Muhammad Asif.

The minister stressed that Pakistan and Azerbaijan enjoy close, cordial and brotherly relations.

"We highly value these relations which are rooted in a common faith, many aspects of culture, traditions and history," he added.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan have signed over 30 documents. Azerbaijan has been supporting Pakistan for many years in various social spheres. In particular, over 100 wheelchairs and various equipment necessary for rehabilitation of disabled people were provided through the Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA). Azerbaijan also provided scholarships for Pakistani students, carried out free medical examinations for residents of the country, and provided other medical assistance.