Astronomical autumn starts next week in Azerbaijan

Astronomical autumn starts next week in Azerbaijan
 Astronomical autumn starts in Azerbaijan next week.

Scientific secretary of Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory of ANAS Orkhan Khalilov told Report that, astronomical autumnal equinox will start on September 23 at 00:02 (Baku time).
He said that the day and night are of approximately equal today. Starting from September 23, nights will be long and the days short: "The length of day and night will be equal. This is called the autumnal equinox. Sun moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern and astronomical spring begins in the southern hemisphere."

According to him, extension of nights will continue until December 21, and that day will be the longest night of the year. After that day the nights will get shorter and on March 21 t vernal equinox will start.

Kh.Mikayilov also stressed that winter in Azerbaijan this year will start on December 21, at 20:28.