Newborn donkey only 21 INCHES tall makes friends with 5ft 6ins shire horse

Newborn donkey only 21 INCHES tall makes friends with 5ft 6ins shire horse
This is the moment a plucky new born donkey rubbed noses with a gigantic shire horse.

The 21in foal – who is little more than a week old – was introduced to powerful Uncle Buster who towered above him at 16.2 hands.

But the Dartmoor pony centre’s newest arrival was not fazed by the attraction’s biggest star who stands at 5ft 6” from the ground to his upper back.

And the little and large meeting saw the brave baby bound towards the gentle giant before running between his legs and sharing an equine kiss.

The young jack – who has not been named yet - is now said to be good friends with his lofty companion and the pair are proving popular with visitors.

A spokesman for the Miniature Pony Centre said the first ever meeting between the gentle shire and the playful young donkey had gone even better than expected.

He said: ‘As we are all one big happy family at The Miniature Pony Centre we thought it was time for him to meet Uncle Buster, our resident shire horse.

‘True to form, our little donkey ran straight up to him to give him a kiss.

‘Buster may be gigantic compared to his little friend but he is the gentle giant of the horse world and gave him a lovely kiss back.’

Buster is one of two heavy horses at the Devon centre and he has lived there for four years.

His little new friend can expect to grow to around 11 hands tall – or 44” from the ground to his upper back.

The centre spokesman added: ‘They have proved a bit of a star attraction over the last few days. Everyone seems to love the little and large show.

‘They do make an odd pair but they are becoming the best of friends.’

One visitor said: ‘At first I do admit they look like an odd pair. But after watching them for a while now I have to say they are really cute together.

‘You can see the youngster has a lot more energy, but the shire seems to have the patience to deal with him well. He didn’t seem to mind the fuss the little one is making of him.’

The Miniature Pony Centre, on Dartmoor, is home to a range of horses as well as donkeys, chickens and rabbits.