Ali Hasanov: "Some shortcomings in dubbing of films in Azerbaijani"

Ali Hasanov:
"The language of every nation is its wealth. Language strengthens instinct of self-defense of the people. Native language proves the nation. The Azerbaijani language is one of the state attributes, social moral support. The more pure and rich the language, the more our national existence becomes unbreakable. The state language has been established in the republic, which allowed us to reach the ideology of Azerbaijanism. Despite the pressure, during Heydar Aliyev's presidency in Azerbaijan in 1978, the Azerbaijani became the state language". informs, Assistant to the Azerbaijani President for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov said at the event titled "The role of media in protection and development of literary language in Azerbaijan".

He said that after the independence of Azerbaijan, important steps were taken regarding the native language: "The legislative framework has been improved. Mastering technology in the modern era caused negative cases, alongside with its improvements. Unfortunately, sometimes the media violates norms and principles of the state language. Sometimes shortcomings observed in the dubbing of films regarding the state language. Basic grammar not adhered to in street and square advertisings. The National Television and Radio Council (NTRC( has the power to protect the language on TV channels".